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Learn how to play "propose your partner", a romantic game for Valentine's Day.

Propose Your Partner

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, love seems to be the mantra for everyone. While the whole atmosphere is engulfed in the blissful feeling of love, there is one thing that runs every mind and takes the toll, especially for singles - the act of proposal. Talk about proposals and proposing and you are sure to find mixed emotions - whilst some are cool with it, there are others who almost undergo a panic attack and yet others who never manage to embark on it. To make the act of proposal and proposing a humorous one, the best would be to play the game, how to propose your partner. A fun-filled game, it can be played with singles as well as couples. The best part of the game is that it helps in matchmaking without making the whole process cumbersome or tedious. Who knows your “single” guests might actually leave the party in pairs. Read on further about how to play "Propose your Partner”.

How to Play Propose Your Partner