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Homemade Rakhi is the best way to show affection for your brother. To know how to make Rakhi at home, read on.

How to Make Rakhi

Rakhi is the sacred amulet that not only comprises of a sister's love and emotions, but also reflects her good wishes for her brother's long life and well-being. By tying a rakhi at the wrist of their brother, sisters pray for their long life and in return, they get a promise that their brother will always help them when they are in need. A more intimate touch can be added to this amulet by taking a little pain and making a homemade rakhi for your beloved brothers. So, this year, try this simple and easy method of Rakhi making and impress your brothers with your creativity.

Homemade Rakhis

Anmol Handmade Rakhi

Materials Required
  • 1 Silk Thread Reel (color of your choice, preferably red or green)
  • 1 Cotton Thread Reel (matching to the silk reel color)
  • 1 Toothbrush (an old one)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • 10-12 small Artificial Pearls
  • Take the silk thread reel and cut its 20-25 pieces, each one around 25 inches long.
  • Hold all the pieces in such a way that both of their ends meet each other and then fold the entire bundle of threads at the mid point.
  • Take the cotton reel and tie the bundle with the help of cotton thread just 4-5 inches below the mid point.
  • Divide the longer portion of the thread bundle into two equal parts.
  • Plait both the divided portions separately and tie a small piece of cotton thread at both the ends leaving a margin of 2 inches. Thus the longer portion makes the string part of Rakhi.
  • The smaller part of the Rakhi is still in loops because of the fold. Take the scissors and cut the loops right at its center. This will make the central part of the Rakhi.
  • Take the toothbrush and comb that central part in all the directions in such a manner that a circle of the tiny threads is prepared.
  • Both the ends of the strings must also be brushed. Brushing the threads will make it even softer and give it a feathery look.
  • Finally stick the small pearls on the central part of the Rakhi with the help of glue.
Special Remarks
  • The pearls stuck in a random way will appear as dew on the flower with the red silk thread background.
  • While the same pearls stuck on green silk thread background will look like dew on the grass.
  • This central part of the Rakhi can be decorated in various creative ways with different decorative materials.

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