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Make your Passover celebrations memorable by singing some funny songs. A list of hilarious songs for Pesach songs has been given here, so take your pick.

Funny Passover Songs

Songs forms an inseparable part of any festive celebration and help people to enjoy the occasion in a cheerful and jolly way. While following the rules and customs of any celebration, one must not forget the most important aspect or the key element - to share some quality time with friends and family members and have a riot of laughter with them. When it comes to Passover, one of the best ways to achieve this is through funny songs. Such songs not only are pleasing to the ears, but also create the true mood of celebration. Given below are the lyrics of some of the most funny and hilarous Pesach songs. Give your loved ones a treat by singing them aloud to them. You can also play some good tunes on a guitar or on the keyboard and create the perfect environment for celebrating the festival.

Funny Songs for Passover

Just A Tad Of Haroset

Just a tad of haroset helps the bitter herbs
go down,
The bitter herbs go down, the bitter herbs go down.
Just a tad of Charoset helps the bitter herbs
go down,
In the most disguising way.

Oh, back in Egypt long ago,
The Jews were slaves under Pharaoh
They sweat and toiled and labored
through the day.
So when we gather Pesach night,
We do what we think right.
Maror, we chew,
To feel what they went through.


So after years of slavery
They saw no chance of being free.
Their suffering was the only life they knew.
But baby Moses grew up tall,
And said he'd save them all.
He did, and yet,
We swear we won't forget.


While the Maror is being passed,
We all refill our water glass,
Preparing for the taste that turns us red.
Although Maror seems full of minuses,
It sure does clear our sinuses.
But what's to do?
It's hard to be a Jew!!!


A Few Of My Favorite Things
(To the tune of "These are a few of my favorite things")

Cleaning and cooking and so many dishes
Out with the hametz, no pasta, no knishes
Fish that's gefillted, horseradish that stings
These are a few of our passover things.

Matzoh and karpas and chopped up haroset
Shankbones and kiddish and yiddish neuroses
Tante who kvetches and uncle who sings
These are a few of our Passover things.

Motzi and maror and trouble with Pharoahs
Famines and locusts and slaves with wheelbarrows
Matzah balls floating and eggshell that cling
These are a few of our Passover things.

When the plagues strike
When the lice bite
When we're feeling sad
We simply remember our Passover things
And then we don't feel so bad.

Same Time Next Year
(to the tune of “Makin' Whoopee”)

Another Pesach, another year,
The family seder with near and dear...
Our faces shining,
All thoughts of dining
Are put on hold now.
We hear four questions,
The answer given
Recalls the Jews from Egypt driven.
The khrain is bitter, (haroset better!)
Please pass the matzah.
Why is this evening different
This year the Jews all over
Are free to perform the rites.
A gorgeous dinner--who can deny it--
Won't make us thinner, to hell with diet!
It's such great cooking...
and no one's looking,
So just enjoy it.
Moving along at steady clip
Elijah enters, and takes a sip;
And then the singing with voices ringing
Our laughter mingling.
When singing about Had Gadya.
Watch close or your place you'll lose,
For Ehad Mi Yode'a:
Which tune shall we use?
We pray next Pessah
We'll all be here.
It's a tradition...
Same time next year...
So fill it up now, the final cup now,
Next year at

Take Me Out To The Sedar
(To the tune of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame!")

Take me out to the Seder
Take me out with the crowd.
Feed me on matzah and chicken legs,
I don't care for the hard-boiled eggs.
And its root, root, root for Elijah
That he will soon reappear.
And let's hope, hope, hope that we'll meet
Once again next year!

Take me out to the Seder
Take me out with the crowd.
Read the Haggadah
And don't skip a word.
Please hold your talking,
We want to be heard.
And lets, root, root, root for the leader
That he will finish his spiel
So we can nosh, nosh, nosh and by-gosh
Let's eat the meal!!! 
Moses Island
(To the tune of Gilligan's Island)

Just recline right back and you'll hear a tale,
a tale of dreadful trip.
That started with ten awful plagues brought onto Egypt,
brought unto Egypt.

The boss he was a Jewish man raised as a Pharaohs son.
Then G-d he did come calling and soon the fun begun,
soon the fun begun.

More blood, such frogs, and all those bugs,
Pharaoh could just barely see.
The Jews were really scoring points and soon they would be free.
and soon they would be free.

They shlepped and shlepped for forty years across a desert land.
He went up to Mt Sinai and a party soon began,
a party soon began.

Moses, the Pharaoh too, Aaron and his wife.
Marianne the skipper too here
on the desert island.