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A variety of kosher wines is available for Passover, consumed widely by the Jews. Given below are some tips on choosing Seder Wine for Pesach.

Seder Wine

Pesach is a festival of enjoyment and merry-making. It is customary for every follower and believer of the festival to drink four glasses of wine during the traditional Seder meal. This rule applies to all - men and women, young and old. It has to be observed by every person, irrespective of his/ her economic background and social status. Each of the four cups of wine has its own significance and is drunk during different points in the course of the meal. As mentioned in the Shemot or the Exodus, the four cups of wine are used to symbolize the four distinct redemptions promised by the Lord to the Hebrews, which are:
Apart from the four cups of wine drank by people, there is a fifth cup as well, called 'The Cup of Elijah', which is reserved for the Prophet. It is believed that the Prophet visits each Seder during Passover. The fifth cup is a symbol of the redemption of the entire human race, starting from the arrival of the Messianic Times. A recent addition to the cups is the “Miriam's Cup”, which honors the role of women and the contribution of Moses' sister, Miriam, who is regarded as the Prophetess in the Exodus. However, unlike Elijah's Cup, it is filled with water to honor the amazing Miriam, who gave life to hundreds of Hebrews during their journey through the hot and scorching desert.

Drinking the Wine
There is a particular time when each of these four glasses of wine is drunk during the course of the Sedar meal. They include
Choosing Passover Seder Wine