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There is a certain order that needs to be followed on the night of Passover Seder. Read on to know more about Pesach Seder Order.

Seder Order

Passover is one of the most sacred festivals of the Jews. It is during this time that Jews and Christians celebrate the 'passing over' of the angel of death, from the houses of the Jews, while afflicting the Egypt with the tenth plague. During the festival, there is a certain order that needs to be followed strictly on the night of Seder. This is precisely the order in which the rituals are performed as the night follows. According to the Jewish Sages, Passover occurs on the 15th of Nissan. So, they concluded that the growth should also be in 15 gradual steps that will finally lead to freedom. In the following lines, we have mentioned the Passover Seder Order, just for you.

Passover Seder Order