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This season, dedicate some beautiful Pesach poetry to your kids. Some very interesting and popular Passover poems for children are given here.

Children Passover Poems

Any festival that does not include the cheerful presence of kids and young children can be almost regarded as incomplete. Their enthusiasm, eagerness and zeal make the celebrations all the more worthwhile. They fill the entire environment with life and energy, which makes every moment enjoyable and pleasant. A collection of some of the most beautiful Pesach poetry for kids has been given below in this article. Read them to your kids or a younger sibling or jot them down in a beautiful card and present it to them. This will go a long way in making the children remember the true essence of celebrating Passover.

Passover Poems For Children

Here We Have A Story For The World
Here we have the story for the world,
A tale of justice served and freedom won,
Principles of goodness, universal,
Printed out on stone by God's own hand.
Yes, the past was bloody, and the old
Promise was by faithlessness undone.
And wonders ceased, memories turned brittle, Shadows fell, and love turned into land.
Still, the story breathes the air of words
Old and new, a tale not writ in stone,
Vast as the hard history of a people
Ever changing, ever one, a grand
Recital running through time's glass like sand.
(Author - Nicholas Gordon)

The Telling
Why is this night unlike all others
Are questions the youngest must say
We recline, we pray, we ask the Almighty
Please deliver us from Egypt this day.

Bitters and herbs are ours to consume
To remember the Exodus then
We eat, we drink, we cross the waters
Are pursued by Pharaoh and his men.
The Haggadah reading commands that we tell
How our ancestors toil, how they cry
We plead, we bend, we climb with Moses
And receive the tablets at Mount Sinai.

Elijah is here my father sings out
ALl bear witness as he flies
We tremble, we hide, we wait as he nears
We peer down through his ancient eyes.
(Author - Brenda Spigelman Ajzenkopf)

Dancing Into Freedom
Why is this night different
from all other nights?
Tonight we found Israel
in each other
and I danced with Deena
first daughter of Israel
giggling at our miracle
before the Lord
The wine was sweet
our eyes drank to eternity
every sip warmed our love
gave us life.
Even Elijah stayed for a dram saying, "Your fare is simple, mere matzot and cheese
but that's the way it used to be
when we truly wondered
in our freedom."
(Author - Ray Shankman)

How Could The Lord For Our Sake Part The Sea
How could the Lord for our sake part the sea
And choose full well a folk that evil knew?
Passion, greed, and cruelty each Jew
Possessed with Egypt's children equally.
Yet those the Lord anointed as His own,
Passing over them on vengeance bent,
After many centuries to repent,
Still have, like other humans, hearts of stone.
So must we understand the Lord's high will
On us to place a burden, not a crown.
Vivid though His love, we lay it down
Even as we think we bear it still,
Righteous in our hearts, yet doing ill.
(Author - Nicholas Gordon)