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A poem for a parent, like a song, is a great way of saying 'I love you, I really do'. Explore this article for fine samples on love poems for parents.

Parents Love Poems

If poems are to be written for someone, it has got to be for a parent. Picture this - Instead of handing over your dad a T-shirt as a gift, you write him a poem and a very meaningful one at that. Now wouldn't this seem like the nicest gesture in the world? It sure would, while your dad can always do with an extra shirt, nothing in this whole world can help replace a poem and the intrinsic rhymes that are a part of it. If you believe you are not creative enough to be a poet or think you are the kind of person who even if threatened with your life, wouldn't be able to cough up a poetic line, help for you is here. All you need to do is read on to draw buckets and buckets of inspiration from three love poems for parents. The lines that are to follow are guaranteed to inspire you to pen a poem for your folks.

Love Poems On Parents

The Heart Of A Parent
When you are all down and think you are crashing in,
When all you can here is the loudest din,
Who do you turn to, to help forgive your greatest sin?
All alone, in the dark, when you cried out lonely tears,
Who helped you face and fight your darkest fears?
And when it looked like not a soul could understand?
Wasn't there that special someone to hold you by the hand?

Now, these are the people, whom you can never really replace,
These are the people, whom believe it or not, gave you your face,
Every day, they'll love you through thick and thin,
And help you find your light, from deep within,
If at all, it seems like all the happiness in your life is about to die,
Your parents, my dearest friend, will be the ones to cry.

At the end of the day, the setting sun, there's no one who can love you more,
From day to day and year to year, it's a love abundant shore,
Always remember, January to December, your parents love for you,
It is going to always be there, believe it, it's true!

Treasures And Measures
Can I even begin to think about paying for the lessons you taught when I was small?
Or make it even by giving gift for gift, those daily treasures I recall,
Can I return your words of encouragement and earnest words of praise?
Those summer days, the winter nights, oh, such an emotional raise,
But I know that I can give you myself, and all the love I've earned,
For love goes towards love, from you , is what I've learned.

The Call Of Duty
Your parents, have you ever noticed how much they are almost always there?
Sometimes, the cloudy thought of wanting them to disappear may have hit you bare,
But then it all boils down to realizing how much you love them and how much they do you,
For when the curtains are drawn and the lights dimmed, it's not going to be much of blue,
Yes, you as parents can get to me, never leave me be,
But I do know that you, with me, are only answering a call of duty
Because when you love someone, you don't need to be letting them go scot free!
I promise to be nice, treat you well and treat you fair,
To be the kind of person who'll climb to where only eagles dare,
My dearest Mom, My dearest Dad, here's my greatest chance to tell you,
A world and a lifetime without you, will drive me nothing but mad!
I'm going to give it my best to make you proud,
At the end of it all, I'm the one who is going to be standing out in a crowd!
Thank you for everything you have done for me, thank you for answering that call of duty.

There you go, three poems that you can send out to your parents. You can take it for granted that they will appreciate the gesture!