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Hemis Gompa monastery is one of the most significant places for Buddhist pilgrims. Read to know facts about Hemis monastic complex.

Hemis Gompa Monastery

The biggest, wealthiest and best-known monastery in Ladakh, Hemis Gompa is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, which dates back to the 11th century. Also known as Chang chub Sam Ling or ‘the lone place of the compassionate person’, the monastery is located inside a gorge, at a distance of about 45 km from Leh in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. The Hemis Monastery is long being associated with the Hemis festival that marks the birth anniversary of Guru Padmasambhava, the incarnation of Lord Buddha. This major Buddhist festival is celebrated annually during the summer season. Browse through the following lines to know more facts about the Hemis monastic complex.

Facts About Hemis Monastery