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Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise brings out the significance of Hanukkah and Passover. Read on to explore its story & summary.

Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise

‘Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise’ is a highly entertaining presentation of the two famous Jewish festivals, Hanukkah and Passover. It is divided into two distinct parts, showing Hanukkah in the first part, followed by the Passover in the second part. It is full of melodious songs and engaging music. It presents a great theme with such simplicity that it wins over people of all age groups. Lamb Chop’s Chanukah and Shari’s Passover present the vivacity and significance of the two major Jewish festivals in the most poignant manner. Shari Lewis is at her best, as she gets a superb fusion of the two stories in one show. She teaches the great lesson about the festivals amid an atmosphere of song, dance, comedy and special guest stars. ‘Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise’ is both entertaining and educational and is made with the best of intentions. We bring you the story and summary of Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise in a nutshell, which will definitely tempt you to see it.

Lambchop’s Chanukah and Passover Surprise is a musical film, presenting the true significance of Chanukah and Passover. All the traditions associated with the festival are brought out poignantly in it. In the first part, Lamb Chop and Shari Lewis narrates the story of Chanukah and its traditional as well as historical significance, to their celebrity friends, Alan Thicke and Pat Morita. Almost everything, starting from the potato latkes to the computer savvy Charlie Horse looking for the best online superhero, is included in the narration. One can learn significantly about the Jewish culture from the first part. The cute dance of Dom Deluise and Shari in the kitchen is the highlight in the first part. A comic bit, which stands out in the first part, is the discussion about the spelling and pronunciation of Chanukah. The song “The Eight Nights of Chanukah”, sung to the tune of the “Twelve Days Of Christmas’, is also highly enticing.

In the second part, Shari brings out the celebration of Passover and the various traditions associated with the festival. One can see the celebration of the Jewish Seder with Lamb Chop, Charlie Horse and Hush Puppy. Charlie Horse is seen successful in persuading the guest star, Dom Deluise to cook the Seder. Lamb Chop is seen practicing her Four Questions with her kitten. Hush Puppy rehearses sniffing out the hidden matzah from his nose. All these are the popular traditions followed during Passover. The movie also brings out the basic instincts and childhood nature of the kids. The main highlight in the Passover part is a dance number, featuring Shari and Dom Deluise. There is a scene with Robert Guillaume enacting Pharaoh, which can be scary to the small kids.