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Halloween can be made great fun by introducing Halloween activities into the celebration. Read on to find popular Halloween activity ideas.

Halloween Activities

Halloween is a secular festival that falls on 31st October. It is celebrated to honor the departed soul of the loved ones. It is popularly believed that on this day, the margin between the living world and dead world is dissolved. It is said that the departed souls come down to earth every year on Halloween, to meet their living relatives. Halloween celebration is highly exciting with the theme of devils and monsters all around. One can see people dressed up in different costumes, representing the ghosts and monsters. Wearing masquerades form an essential part of the celebration of the festival. We bring you some ideas for Halloween day activities which will prove handy to you during the celebration of the festival.

Halloween Activity Ideas

Throw A Costume Party
Halloween party can be great fun, if you can introduce costume theme to it. If you are going for the traditional Halloween party, ask your guests to wear costumes representing the monsters, ghosts, devils, witches and skeletons. Other than the conventional horror theme, you can also choose the themes from television shows, movies and the pop culture.

Spend The Night Watching Horror Flicks
If you are courageous enough, you can spend the whole night watching horror movies. Movies with theme of spirits, ghosts and witches can add to the mood of the festival. However, these movies are more enjoyable when watched in company of friends, in a completely dark room. Going to theatres for the midnight show of any horror movie can be highly interesting and enjoyable as well.

Go For Trick Or Treat
Trick or treat is conventionally the game for children, wherein they go from house to house with a bag. They ask the same question “trick or treat” to every house owner they visit. They mildly threaten the house owners that they would do some mischief, if they are not given the treat of candies. You can make your children play this, which they are sure to enjoy a lot.

Play Harmless Pranks On Your Friends
Playing pranks on friends on Halloween can be great fun. However, one should be careful that the pranks are harmless and just the source of merry-making, not intended to humiliate anyone. Putting on costume of monsters and scaring your friends can be a wonderful idea of playing pranks on friends.

Go On A Fun Picnic
You can go for a fun picnic with your relatives or friends to celebrate the festival. Choose Halloween theme as the base for your picnic. Starting from the costumes to the foods, you can select the Halloween theme to go with the spirit of the festival. You can add spice to your Halloween party by preparing various types of cookies, candies, pastries, truffles and such other delicacies. You can also include items like blood soup (tomato soup), noodles and eyeballs (meat balls) and so on, to set up a devilish theme.

Play Halloween Games
You can play a number of games on Halloween, like apple bobbing, Puicini, hanging up treacle and many others. In case of apple bobbing, apples are floated in a basin of water. The participants have to take the apples out using only their teeth. In hanging up treacle, treacle or the syrup coated scones are hung from the strings, which the contestants must eat without using their hands. At the end of this game, the participants find that their face become extremely sticky. Puicini is a traditional game played in Ireland, where a person is blindfolded and made to stand before a table with a number of saucers on it. The saucers are shuffled and the person has to choose one. The contents of the saucer chosen by the participant shall determine his coming years.