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Check out when is Guru Purab falling in 2019

Guru Purab Dates

The Sikh festivals are celebrated as Gurpurabs, meaning "Guru's Remembrance Day". Gurpurabs are commemorated to mark the birth anniversary or the martyrdom of any one of the Sikh gurus. Each of the Gurus is remembered with immense pride, honor and tribute. Almost all the Guru Purabs have similar kind of celebrations and traditions with differences in the hymns and history of a particular occasion. Early morning processions are common among all the Guru Purabs where people sing hymns and march through the localities. The onlookers offer sweets and tea to the people in the procession. With this article, we bring you the dates of the different Gurpurabs celebrated and commemorated across the year. Read on further to know the Sikh Gurpurab calendar.

Gurpurab 2019:

    Birth Anniversary     Dates
Guru Gobind Singh January 05
Guru Angad Dev April 18
Guru Nanak November 06
Guru Ram Das October 09
Guru Har Krishan July 23
Guru Har Gobind July 05
Guru Har Rai January 31
Guru Amar Das May 23
Guru Arjan Dev May 02
Guru Tegh Bahadur April 18