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Kharu Gosht is a flavorsome and delectable delight to indulge in. Explore the article to know the recipe of how to make Kharu Gosht.

Kharu Gosht

Gahambar is one of the most significant festivals of the Zoroastrian community celebrated across the world with great splendor and grandeur. The word ‘Gahambar’ means season and hence, the Parsis celebrate six Gahambars in the year to pay tribute to the different seasons. The Gahambar festival signifies nature worship. Therefore, each Gahambar celebrates the different phases of the elements of the world. On this occasion, people unite and involve in performing various good deeds. Prayers are offered and food prepared is distributed among family, friends and the deprived. Kharu Gosht is one recipe that is popular on this festival. It is a curry based preparation and served with either other preparations or enjoyed in its own right. The word Kharu Gosht simply means savory/salty meat. This delicacy is best had with ambakalia. Read on further to know the recipe of making Kharu Gosht.

How To Make Kharu Gosht