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Each of the six Gahambars is honored by preparing traditional food. Explore this section to find different recipes for Gahambar.

Gahambar Recipes

The Zoroastrian community honors the six different seasons of the year by celebrating six Gahambars across the year. The word ‘gahambar’ literally means proper season. These seasonal festivals hold great significance for the entire community throughout the world. These are Maidyozarem Gahambar, Maidyoshahem Gahambar, Paitishahem Gahambar, Ayathrem Gahambar, Maidyarem Gahambar and Hamaspathmaidyem. The Parsis fold this tradition to honor the different phases of the natural elements responsible for the creation of the world, such as heaven, water, earth, flora, fauna and man.

Each of these six Gahambars is celebrated over five days, where every person engrosses himself in performing different good deeds or acts that a Parsi must do. While the first four days are busy in public worship services, on the fifth day, people meet and interact with their friends and relatives. Different foods are made and distributed to the poor and needy as part of the tradition and one of the seven acts to be performed by every Parsi. This section brings you some of the traditional Parsi dishes that are popularly made on every Gahambar. Go through the lines below and learn how to make these luxurious and luscious recipes.

Recipe For Gahambars

Ghambar Nu Papeta Ma Gosht
Ghambar Nu Papeta Ma Gosht is a traditional Parsi/ Zoroastrian delicacy prepared specially on the occasion of Gahambars. It is made from meat mixed with masala paste and tomatoes. Relish into the enchanting taste of this preparation on the occasion of Gahambars.

Aush Soup
Aush or Ash-e Reshteh is a Persian recipe popular in other places as well. ‘Ash-e’ means soup in Persian, while ‘Reshteh’ is Persian noodles. This soup is prepared on every Gahambar and consumed with great pride. In case you are looking for the method of making this delicious and lip-smacking Persian bean and noodle soup, scroll through this section.

Kachumber Salad
To perfectly accompany your Gahambar meal, we have brought this traditional kachumber salad that is easy to make and luscious to dig on. Find the recipe of making this kachumber salad in the lines below.

Ambakalia is a tangy relish prepared from raw or green mangoes. Flavorful and spicy, this marinade is a perfect add on to your festive food. Know the recipe of how to make ambakalia by going through this section.

Kharu Gosht
Kharu Gosht is one recipe that is popular on Gahambars. It is a curry based preparation and served with either other preparations or enjoyed in its own right. The word Kharu Gosht simply means savory/salty meat. This delicacy is best had with ambakalia.