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Aush/Ash-E Reshteh is a special soup made on the occasion of Gahambar. Read to know the recipe of how to make Persian and bean noodle soup.

Aush Soup

Gahambar is a Zoroastrian festival celebrated to honor the six seasons of the year. The Parsis pay tribute to the different phases or elements responsible for the creation of the world. These six elements are heaven, water, earth, flora, fauna and man. Each of the six Gahambars is celebrated for a period of five days. The celebrations are marked by religious services, prayers and delectable delicacies. Aush or Ash-e Reshteh is a popular Persian recipe, which is well-liked in other places as well. ‘Ash-e’ means soup in Persian, while ‘Reshteh’ is Persian noodles. This soup is prepared on every Gahambar and consumed with great pride. In case you are looking for the method of making this delicious and lip-smacking Persian bean and noodle soup, scroll through the lines below and find its recipe.

How To Make Ash-E Reshteh


For the Noodle Soup (Ash-e Reshteh)
For the Gheimeh Garnish
For the Mint Garnish

For the Soup
For the Gheimeh Garnish
For the Mint Garnish
For Serving