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Friendship Day party games should amuse your friends. Explore some ideas on Friendship Day party games, in the article.

Friendship Day Party Games

Friendship Day Party Games
Parties are incomplete without games in them. As far as Friendship Day party is concerned, it becomes mandatory to include games in it, because your friends would definitely expect something interesting and exciting out of your party. While choosing the games, consider the type of party (whether you have chosen any theme or not) and the general tastes of your guests. This will give you an idea about the games that are suitable for the occasion. Make a thorough search in the internet, about the popular party games. If you are still not clear about the concept, then go through the article. Check out our Friendship Day party game ideas, in the following lines.

Friendship Day Party Game Ideas

Balance The Stick
'Balance The Stick' is a fun game suitable for adults. Place a 5 feet stick in the middle of a circle. The challenge of the game is to hold the stick vertically on end of chin. The person should balance the stick on his/her chin and then hold the position for at least 15 seconds. One, who succeeds to hold the stick for 15 seconds or more, wins the game. To increase the difficultly level, you may ask the player to walk in a circular motion, while balancing the stick. Ensure that the stick is lightweight.

Say 'Ha-Ha'
The 'Ha-Ha' game is suitable for people of all ages. Ask your guests to stand in a circle. As the game starts, each person places his hand on the tummy of the person standing next to him/her. When the first person says 'Ha', while keeping his/her hand, the next person should utter 'Ha-Ha'. The second person should repeat the action with the third person and so on. The rule of the game is that no one should laugh in the process. The moment one laughs, he/she is out of the game. The player, continuing the game without laughing, wins it.

Word Bubble
The game 'word bubble' is suitable for all ages, especially kids. This is because the game concentrates on increasing the vocabulary of the players. Provide pen and paper to each player. Assign three letters to every individual. Ask them to make as many meaningful words as they can, with the three letters. Set a time limit of one minute. The person, who comes up with the maximum words, wins the game. Increase the difficulty level of the game, depending upon the age group of your guests.

Draw The Image
'Pictionary' is a fun game for people of all ages. By including the game in your Friendship Day party, you will be able to know how many friends are blessed with creative mind. For the purpose, write the names of cartoon characters, animals or fruits in small chits of paper. Put all the chits into a bowl. Shuffle the bowl. Provide a marker and a white board to your guests. Ask them to come one by one, pick a chit from the bowl and draw the image of the name written on it. Set a time limit of two minutes. Enjoy watching your friends to create funny images on the white board!

By playing trivia on Friendship Day party, you will realize how much your guests know about each other. For the purpose, make a questionnaire consisting of 25 questions. Provide pen and paper to your guests. Announce the questions one by one, to which your guests have to write the answers. The person, who writes maximum correct answers, wins the game. You may include questions regarding the nicknames, occupations, first crush, place of birth, etc., of the friends present in the party.