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While choosing the party favors for your friends, ensure that the presents look attractive. Read about ideas for Friendship Day party favors.

Friendship Day Party Favors

Friendship Day Party Favors
The custom of presenting favors to the guests of Friendship Day party has become a hot trend. This is largely because most of the Friendship Day parties are reunions. Therefore, people hosting the party would make it a point to purchase a souvenir for their guests, so that even when lost touch, they would remember the party and the person as well as treasure the gift for a long time. If you are confused about choosing the most appropriate party favors for your friends, then this article will help you a great deal. Go through the following lines and check out our compilation of best ideas for Friendship Day party favors.

Friendship Day Party Favor Ideas

Present bracelets to your friends, as Friendship Day party favors. Inexpensive bracelets that look very attractive are available in the market. Ensure that you have purchased bracelets for male and female friends.

Friendship Bands
Purchase cute friendship bands to bestow upon your friends, as a party favor. The best way to give friendship bands is to tie them on each individual's wrist. The moment would be very touching and remembered for a long time.

Photo Frame
Wooden photo frame are very popular as party favors. They fit easily into the pocket as well. Therefore, choose wooden frames in which mid-sized photographs can be easily fitted.

Disposable Camera
Present disposable camera to your friends, as a token of affection. Shop online to get the best price for disposable cameras. Check for their genuine quality, while making the purchase. Gift-wrap the disposable camera attractively.

Tie Pins
Tie pins would be cherished by your friends, because it is one of the important accessories needed for formal attire. Look for beautiful tie pins made of metals. You can get various shapes for the tie pins as well.

Cufflinks are chosen party favors, because of their functionality. Irrespective of men or women, cufflinks would be needed by all those, who clad themselves in formal attire. Since you are purchasing in bulk, it is better to go for the inexpensive cufflinks that look good as well.

Tote Bags
Tote bags are in hot trend. They can serve as trendy accessories as well. You can get a wide variety of tote bags for very low price. Go for the bags made of jute, canvas or denim. If you want to be frugal, make tote bags at your home.

Coffee Mug With Coffee Beans
If your friends love to sip coffee, then give them the benefit of making the beverage out of fresh ground beans. To serve the purpose, you may present them coffee mug filled with roasted coffee beans.

Chocolate Box
As a token of love and affection, you may present chocolate box to your friends, on Friendship Day. Purchasing attractive chocolate boxes from the stores is customary. You may fill assorted chocolates, for your friends.

Autograph Book
One of the best ways to extend your gratitude to your pals for attending your friendship day party is to present them small sized autograph books. Miniature sized autograph books are available in the stores, for very low prices.