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Father's Day is the right occasion to laugh your heart out with your father. Check out some funny greeting cards for father's day.

Funny Card Ideas

For sure, humor gives us a reason to smile, keeping up the liveliness. Good humor always adds to the glistening touch of any occasion. So when itís the occasion of father's day, a funny greeting card can work great to make your dad smile, or probably make him laugh out his heart. Long before Father's Day, markets get flooded with funny cards. You can visit any of the greeting card stores and get a card which compliments your father's sense of humor. Make sure that the humor should be clean, avoiding slapstick jokes.

Funny Greeting Cards For Father's Day
Getting cards from the markets is the most conventional way of presenting cards. Card-makers donít leave the chance to make money by offering a variety of hilarious cards weeks before the occasion. So, if you want to go by this set manner of cards, pick a card having funny one-liners, witty quotations, or lighthearted Father's Day poems. Such card is just perfect; however, you may also add some tongue-in-cheek quotations and funny jokes inside these cards to heighten their mirth. Or else, scribble some funny incidents that happened with the two of you during the past. It is a good idea to remember hilarious moments and have a cheerful laugh together.

Funny E-Cards For Father's Day
Besides these market-available cards, you can also go for funny e-cards on Father's Day. If your father is a net freak or a person who daily checks his mail account, an e-card would be a nice surprise for him. You can find numerous funny e-cards on internet. Moreover, these cards come with audio-visual delights and are often presented in the form of short stories. Select a one that describes your dad best and forward one to him. To customize an e-card, you can add some witty or thoughtful messages as well

Funny Handmade Cards For Father's Day
The above-mentioned funny cards are usual, but definitely they are great for people who donít have much time. However, nothing can beat the handmade cards which are just perfect to express your emotions for your father. These cards are easy to make as well as economical. You can refer to handmade card ideas for Father's Day and make a really touching card. Apart from writing quotes, you can write down personal messages or feelings for your dad. Moreover, add a funny incident shared by both of you and enjoy a cheerful Father's Day.