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Read on to know Easter song 'He Arose' lyrics by Barney E. Warren

He Arose

Easter is celebrated with religious fervor, as it is one of the prominent Christian festivals. The festival commemorates the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ, three days after he was crucified. For Christians, the festival symbolizes the victory of good over the evil. It honors the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ for humanity. To commemorate the Almighty, people sing songs and chant hymns on Easter. One such song is 'He Arose'. Through the song, the artist pays tribute to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ after his crucifixion. Jesus defied death and rose triumphantly from his grave, to banish the darkness that had descended on earth, after his demise. Check out the lyrics of the song, in this article.

He Arose

by Barney E. Warren

"He is risen," said the angel to the women,
When they came to see Him sleeping in the cave;
Jesus burst the mighty bars of death asunder,
And arose to reign triumphant from the grave.

Refrain: He arose, my Savior,
He arose, my Savior,
He arose, my Savior,
Triumphant from the grave.

He is risen, surely death is now abolished:
Grave, where is thy vict'ry? Death, where is thy sting?
Jesus flashes light into the darkened valley;
Swell the mighty chorus, men and angels sing.

He is risen, let the nations hear the music,
Let the gospel truth reach every distant plain;
Let the tidings roll that every guilty captive
May be fully free and help to praise His name.

He is risen, hence the fear of that grim monster
Is forever banished to the shades of night;
And the grave and death have lost their wretched terror
While we live on earth or take our upward flight.